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Welcome to the Augusta University Laboratory of Imaging Mass Spectrometry (AU-LIMS). This is a service facility for the local, national, and international academic and commercial research community.


The focus is on discovery and mitigation of unique research needs, to aid the researcher in forwarding their programs. The lab has a student-centered approach, where 2 training courses are conducted a year, and analyses are performed by the student. We offer a suite of mass spectrometry and imaging instruments with applications in chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, environmental, forensic, and material science.


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The following support equipment is found within Dr. Verbeck’s laboratories, the Laboratory for Imaging Mass Spectrometry, and will be accessible for this project, GE-4040 BC.


·Cellular Bioworkstation, which includes, Nikon Eclipse TE2000 Inverted microscope, Horiba iHR550 735nm Raman System confocal imaging, Spectra Physics 30fsec 800nm Laser for cell breaching, Fluorescent Microscopy, and Imaging Stage.

·Nikon AZ100 Stereoscope with 2x, and 5x long working distance objectives with Bright Field, and Fluorescence microscopy.

·Nikon E100 with AmScope MU Camera, 10x, 20x, 40x

Mass Spectrometry

·Thermo LTQ – Orbitrap, with MALDI and LDI sources.

·Waters, Xevo APGC – Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with Agilent 7890 Gas Chromatography.

·Thermo LTQ, Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with direct-inject Electro- and Nanospray sources.

·Thermo TSQ, with direct inject Electro- and Nanospray sources. Paperspray autosampler and multiplate reader.

·2 x Applied Biosystems MDS Scix 4000 QTrap mass spectrometers for direct liquid inject using electrospray or nanospray ionization.


·Thermo/Nicolet iS10 Infrared Spectrometer with Attenuated Total Reflection and Transmission cells.

·Horiba - iHR550 Raman Spectrometer

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